Having to install a front license plate on any car is dependent on the state in which you live. In short, if you were given two plates, then it is mandatory by state law that both be installed. There are currently 38 states that require a front license plate to be displayed, and the fines are higher each year as the city, county, and state governments look for ways to increase revenues.

Fines can be as much as $200.00 for not complying with this regulation and on average the fines are $50- $75. Also, sticking the plate in the windshield does not work, nor does attaching under the car on an air dam or such. You will get a ticket.

The Corvette, up until 2005, had a place specifically for the front license plate to be attached. But since 2005 a separate frame was needed and all but ours required some form of modification or method of attachment to the bumper. This detracted from the beautiful lines that the Corvette has naturally.

The removable license plate frame from IAP is the answer. No holes to drill and no silly attachment gadgets. The C6 does require installation of an inner bracket but once installed is virtually invisible when the plate is removed.  The C7 and Camaro removable front license plate frame is fully self contained and does not require any tools for installation.

Made from aluminum and steel for light weight and powder coated for a durable finish, these Made in America products will last the life of your car.

For a limited time you can order yours and receive a canvas storage tote and free shipping when you order from car-gizmo.com



09/14/2016 12:22am

While we are free to do whatever installation we deem the car needs, we should never let it's natural design suffer. You have made a very good point in this blog page. Thank you for sharing what you know. People can depend on you for their needs. I am glad you also shared the link where they can order. Keep posting useful information.

01/31/2017 9:40pm

This is useful to people who cannot decide about their license plate. It's very expensive if you didn't comply also. You don't have a choice but to put it. But of course, it's hard if you don't know where to put it because it will ruin the design of your car. Thank you for telling us where to order and receive a canvass. This will surely help us.

08/24/2017 8:01am

Personally, I'm contented having a simple car. As long as it functions properly and will carry me safely, I'm already okay with that. Bit since there are people who wanted more, I respect them and there's no reason for me to interfere with their choices. It's really cool if you own a a very stylish car, It adds to your confidence of course. Well, whatever makes a person happy, I'm up for that!

10/23/2016 3:18am

I think I need such plate too! Will you help me with installing it, if I'll have some problems?

01/18/2017 4:11am

Having to install a front license plate on any car is dependent on the state in which you live. In short, if you were given two plates, then it is mandatory by state law that both be installed.

04/23/2017 12:53pm

I have ordered this! But still did not get it. It's not good)

07/31/2017 4:13am

We don't have a choice but to install front license plate. However, I know how irritating it is to the owner because it may affect the car's scheme. But once we disobey the rules, it would cost us much. So we better have to put front license plate to our cars. It would be easier for the traffic enforcers to monitor the high ways. We should not make it hard for them, we must comply.

09/13/2017 1:05am

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